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Thank you, for checking out our research page and taking a moment to broaden your awareness of Males in Early Childhood.

Here you will find a range of research information and publications to provide everything from an overview of males working within the industry to the benefits of males within our services and even how you can help to support and promote Males in early Childhood.

 Research Papers:

Journal of Men's Studies, Volume 19, Number 2, 2011 - focus on male teachers with the following articles:
Davison, K. & Nelson, B. Men and Teaching: Good Intentions and Productive Tensions.
Weaver-Hightower, M. Male Preservice Teachers and Discsouragement from Teaching.
Gosse, D. Race, Sexual Orientation, Culture and Male Teacher Role Models: "Will Any Teacher Do as Long as They Are Good?"
Johnson, S. & Weber, B. Toward a Genderful Pedagogyand the Teaching of Masculinity.
Weber, G. & Kitchenham, A. "Let's Hear it for the Men": A Men's Studies Curriculum in the Schools System.
White, S. Dads as Teachers: Exploring Duality of Roles in the New Zealand Context.
Butcher, J., Donnan, P. & Lewis, E. (1999) Men in Primary Teaching: An Endangered Species? Australian Catholic University.  http://www.aare.edu.au/99pap/but99238.htp

Barnard, C. et al (2004) Recommendations for Improving the Recruitment of Male Early Childhood Education Professionals: The Female Viewpoint. Grand Valley State University, Michigan.

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Cooney, M. & Bittner, M. (2001) Men in Early Childhood Education: Their Emergent Issues. Early Childhood Education Journal, 29(2), 77 – 82.

Commonwealth Government (2002) Educating boys, issues and information.

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Fagan, J. (1996) Principles for Developing Male involvement Programs in Early Childhood Settings. Young Children, 15(2), 64 – 70.

Fagan, J. (1996) Getting men in early childhood programs. The Education Digest, 62, 24 – 28.

Hamilton, K. (2003) ‘Daddy Daycare’: What’s keeping men from a career in early childhood? Rattler, 68, 6

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Jensen, N. (2012) Working in children's services from the perspecctive of a male educator. Foundations, Issue 9 June 2012, 12-15. http://www.himh.org.au/client_images/1074932.pdf

Sargent, P. (2004). Between a rock and a hard place: men caught in the gender bind of early childhood education. The Journal of Men's Studies 12, (3) 173-192.

Sargent, P. (2005). The gendering of men in early childhood education. Sex Roles 52, (3-4) 251-259.

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Peeters, J. (2007). Including men in early childhood education: Insights from the European expeience. NZ Research in Early Childhood Education 10.

d'Arcy, C. (2008). Blokes can do it as well. Every Child 14, (1). 10-11.

Rentzou, K. & Ziganitidou, K. (2009). Greek male early childhood educators: Self and societal perceptions towards their chosen profession. Early Years 29, (3) 271-279.






Working Forum on Men in Early Childhood Education http://www.worldforumfoundation.org/wf/projects/men_ece/index.php

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