About Us

The Males in Early Childhood Network Group was established in 2002 as an initiative of University of Newcastle. With the aim to be the forefront of change within the industry and where male staff and male volunteers will be accepted as being essential in early childhood education. 
While females have long been considered the main role players within the industry, research has shown that males have something to offer that is not only different but  fundamentally vital to the development of children and young people.
Males in Early Childhood believe that through greater awareness and education, male early childhood professionals can begin to establish a strong and respected presence within the industry without the need for them to feminise themselves in order to ‘go under the radar’ but rather be themselves, 
While the group acknowledges the great work that female staff and mothers do, the group is also about recognising the strengths that men can bring to the service and the positive male role we can present to young children such as caring, nurturing and inclusivity.

My name is Greg Harvey and I hold a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies (hons) from the University of Newcastle (Australia). At the present time I am the sole author of this blog site. However, from time to time guest authors may post here or additional contributors may join the action. If and when this occurs notification will be forthcoming. In the meantime please adress all questions or comments to Greg at the email adress provided.

The Males in Early Childhood goals are: 
-  Recruit, retain and support men to work with young children 
-  To highlight the need for introducing more males into Early Childhood education
-  To offer mentorship to eliminate men working or studying in isolation