Friday, December 25, 2015

Ending the Year on a High

I realise I don't write about much on here any more and as such my readership has dwindled dramatically. However, if you do read this please feel free to share and spread the news that I will be making my breakthrough delivery of professional development at the Inspired EC Unwrapping Conference in April next year. To find out more information click here and you will also see my name amongst the workshop presenters.

If you are planning on going to this conference I would love to see you at my workshop where we will engage in a discussion about the power of the words we choose to use and not use with children, families, colleagues and the community. I am sure it will be an eye opener and I look forward to learning from others as well as them learning from me.

I hope your 2015 lived up to your expectations and if not that 2016 serves you better.

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