Sunday, October 18, 2015

Standing Side By Side with the The Royal Children's Hospital

Well hello, it has been a while. I do not plan on writing in here often, but something has occurred that I felt compelled to write about.

The staff at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne have united in their stance to prevent children brought to them from detention centres from being returned there, even though it contravenes the recent 'Border Force Act', a law that does nothing to protect the most vulnerable people of this world.

It is a wonderful thing these professionals are doing, but as Liam McNicholas states in his latest blog post, "This is what advocacy looks like" we should not let them make this stance alone. Liam states that the organisation that the works for has already released a statement in support. To read it click here.

What I ask you now is to ask you organisation what they plan to do. Will they sit back and let this ride out or will they stand side by side with our health colleagues against this sever human rights injustice? Even a simple pledge of support and allegiance is a start. However, I am sure there are organisations out there which would be ale to do much more.

I would hate to pre-empt any possible action by the organisation I work for so I won't name them yet. I would much rather give them the opportunity to make good on their word that they are in the process of responding to these circumstances. That is from the CEO themselves too.

This is not a fight the health workers at RCN can or should have on their own. Will you join me and other advocates for children in condemning the Australian Federal Government and supporting the brave men and women who took a stance against this heinous law to begin with?