Monday, February 2, 2015

Adam Buckingham

The man who's name appears in the title was one of the greatest advocates for young children and for men who choose to work with them. I am struggling to find adequate words to describe what I am feeling, but will try anyway.

For those who didn't know Adam has passed away and he leaves a wonderful legacy behind. I know him best for his work with the ecmenz group in New Zealand. They host an annual Men in Early Childhood Education Summit and Adam invited me to be their guest last year. Unfortunately I had to decline as I couldn't make it and now I am regretting it as I will never have the opportunity to meet this very special man in person.

While I knew Adam best for his work with the ecmenz organisation, I later became aware of his tireless efforts at introducing sustainability to young children's lives, including writing a book titled 'Turning Trash into Treasure for Young Children'.

Adam worked tirelessly to ensure he left the children he was with in a better world then when they started and I believe he achieved that, if for no other reason then they got to experience life with him.

I didn't know him as well as others and therefore I cannot share loads of facts about his life without first looking it up and that would not be authentic or do him justice. What I will say though is that the global Early Childhood profession is much poorer for his passing. I would also like to add that I often wonder if I am actually making a difference to how men who work with young children are perceived or in encouraging more guys into the field. What I do know is that Adam did and if I can achieve half of what he did then my life will have been deemed a success.

Rest In Peace buddy and keep a watchful eye on us from time to time.


  1. Great tribute. I always read your articles here on your blog and would like you to know we need more guys like you in early childhood in Australia.

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