Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Break in Our Normal Transmission

As many of you have probably noticed, posts here on the Males in EC blog have been quite sparse of late. Initially this was due to a decision to not wanting to meet a certain quota, whether expected by me or anyone else. However, the dramatic drop in regularity can now be attributed to one major factor.....

......I seem to have lost my blogging mojo.

Now I hope to return to more regular blogging soon, but cannot promise anything. You see, I find myself busy with commitments on many fronts, particularly family.

Now I make no apologies for being dedicated to my family at the expense of this blog, but I hope my faithful, casual and new readers will understand such priorities. If you don't then I think that reflects poorly on you.

I have no idea when I will post next. Maybe it will be tomorrow, or perhaps next week. The only thing I will assure you is that although this blog and our accompanying Facebook page may appear dormant, they do not reflect the fact that I am still out there in the real world doing my best to set a positive example of a male working with young children. And right now in my case that means under twos.

Keep checking in and remember to look for all those other wonderful men and women out there. You can find many of them on my blog roll, in my post about male bloggers, or amongst the MiECE page's likes.

Here's to prioritising and knowing what's really important.