Thursday, August 15, 2013

An American, a Yorkshireman and an Aussie Walk into a Bar

There is no punch line, just an account of the day I sat down with two of the most inspirational individuals within the Early Years Education and Development sector.

Apart from the American ('Teacher' Tom Hobson) being one of the most genuine and down to earth people you are ever likely to meet and the Yorkshireman (Marc Armitage 'At Play') being one of the funniest guys you'll meet, both are leading examples of what men can accomplish when they work with young children.

We also had the good fortune to also sit down and chat with Alan Wagstaff from the Internationally renowned Green School in Bali and Wayne Armstrong from Early Years Care in Wollongong, as well as two fascinating blokes from Woodrising Community Preschool and Child Care Centre, Gavin and Zac.

While this was not the beginnings of a return to face to face meetings, it was great to hear all the ideas and experiences that everyone was prepared to share.

Having heard Tom and Marc present for the first time earlier that day it was humbling to discover how much us regular guys are just like them. In fact, despite popular belief they are actually regular guys too.

This will remain a highlight of my EC career and my life for a long time to come, if not for good.


  1. so jealous... there was totally lacking a Yorkshire lass with a twist of Sweden!!

  2. It was great meeting everyone over a drink, Greg! Thanks for organising it.

    1. The whole atmosphere was great and conducive to great ideas. That is why I like the idea of face-to-face meetings over internet networking, as good as that is.