Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WORDS or words

I've been wanting to write this post for a few days, but have been struggling with just how to word it. So I stepped back, let a couple of days pass by and have now returned.

One of the reasons I struggled it because words are so powerful. They deliver messages, pass on information, and are a useful tool for promoting learning. However, they also have the strength to hurt, power to destroy, and means to confuse.

It all comes down to how we decide to use the words at out disposal. The right words used in the wrong context or forum can have vastly differing impacts to our intentions. Written text is convenient, but can be very difficult to convey emotions, tone of voice or context. Therefore the written word can be interpreted in a number of ways.

This can lead to unintentional misleading or misinterpreting others. It can also be how some mask a more sinister motive.

Either way, the words we use, whether with children or adults, have a far greater impact that simply their meaning. The way you deliver them. The context in which us choose to use them. The body movements accompanying them, or the lack thereof. These can all change how our words are interpreted, as does the recipients context.

So next time you feel like peeling off a few choice words at someone, either in real life of electronically, why not step back and have think about it. Your words could be doing far more damage than you dare think.

This post is a result of a number of incidents witnessed over the past few months. I have seen friends, strangers and loved ones hurt by what other believe to be just a few harmless words. Be the bigger and better person.


  1. Oh dear,

    I think Eddie McGuire has shown today how little words mean. How about we teach our kids integrity and honesty so they can decipher all these fake apologies and tokenistic agendas driven by the government of the day.

    1. It's not the words that are meaningless, rather the intentions behind them. If there is a hidden agenda or ulterior motive then words are being used as a mask which still makes them powerful and effective.

      It's how we use the words and what actions we back them up with that is of most importance.

  2. Thank you for this great reminder. i always try and think before i speak! New to your interesting blog which I just found at Early Play Aust.