Friday, March 22, 2013


I'm disillusioned! I have encountered first hand, as well as heard anecdotal accounts of services contradicting their own ethos. While claiming to be child centric, following children's interests and being flexible in the way they provide experiences and guide children's learning with one hand, they demand educator strictly follow set formulae when documenting.

So here's a simple question. Should services expect all staff to document in a particular way, regardless of their individual styles? Or should educators be empowered just as their children are, to make their own informed choices and record, document, and reflect in a way that is best suited to their unique talents, knowledge and background?

Fort me there is only one answer to each - NO, followed by YES. As long as essential information and criteria are included, and that EYLF and NQF requirements are present and evident, then there should be no debate over this at all. If the individual professional can demonstrate how links occur and explain to anyone what it all means then what is the problem?


But there I go again. I was asking YOU for YOUR opinions. So can you provide them please?
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