Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to Pay Homage

With the end of year approaching I thought it would be timely to pay tribute to those who got me started in blogging. Well those who inspired me to get started anyway.

The ladies, Donna and Sherry, at the aptly named Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning were the first to get my attention. Before I even contemplating blogging myself I would visit their site and Facebook page regularly for ideas, inspiration or just to simply catch up on what was the latest topic of discussion within the EC world here in Aus.

Not only do they continue to inspire me and countless others, but they have come to be very good friends personally and esteemed colleagues professionally.

Well before I got into blogging, or even had the first hint of a thought about blogging myself, I was aware of the excellent work the Menteach organisation does worldwide for males in the education field.


The MENz group in New Zealand and the World Forum Men in ECE working party were also instrumental in inspiring me to want to do more to encourage blokes to consider this as a career.

Teacher Tom was the first Male EC blogger I came across, but thankfully he was far from the last. For an incomplete list of men who blog about Early Childhood Education check out our More Male ECE Bloggers post.

Of course I discovered these and many other relevant sites through my participation in the Males in early Childhood Network Group. We use to meet regularly and discuss issues that were important to us as individuals and as a group. Most of the guys from that group have moved on, but I still hold close all that they taught me and their passion, support and desire to make a difference will be with me always.

So to those people and organisations I have mentioned I would like to say a huge thanks for lighting the spark within. There are many others who have and continue to inspire me, but that is a post for another (not too distant perhaps)time.

There are so many wonderful people out there trying to make a difference and through their efforts this world is a much happier place. Thank you to all and I hope I have ignited a spark or two myself.


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