Monday, November 12, 2012

Germany Leading the Way

Last month a groundbreaking conference took place in Berlin. The "International Conference About Men in Early Childhood Education and Care." Men and women from all over Europe and around the world converged on Berlin to discuss the many issues that surround this very topic.

MenTeach has provided a list of in-depth articles arising from this conference and these articles can be accessed here.

Moreover, if you would like to check out the speakers involved and the topics covered check out the conference's actual site here.

While there were a few familiar names there, such as Mick Kenny from Men in Childcare Ireland, Sarah Farquhar from Child Forum and Kenny Spence from Men in Childcare, there were quite a few new names I didn't recognise.

Now while this was a great initiative I am disappointed that I didn't get the opportunity to attend. It would have been wonderful to meet and network with some leaders in the field. I will have to wait for the next event to do so. Hopefully it won't be too many years away and perhaps a little closer to these shores.

Here's hoping.


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