Monday, October 29, 2012

Risk Taking Conference - The Aftermath

Now I have to say that I was already an advocate for children being able to take risks. Far more than they are often allowed to. However, through the conference I discovered that I still hold children back. Most of this is due to following rules and policies in place. I have been pushing the boundaries of such regulations, but not nearly enough.

I will be advocating to my colleagues to also look at giving children greater freedom to be adventurous. Because you see, it's also a risk for us educators to change our practices and approaches.

Above all else though, the real benefit for such a conference as this is the networking opportunities. The chance to meet up with Marie and Wayne Armstrong from Early Years Care,  Claire Warden from Mindstretchers, Jennifer Kable from Let the Children Play, Natashja Treveton and Nicole Sheehan from Inspired EC, Donna Ridley-Burns and Sherry Hutton from Irresistible Ideas for PLay Based Learning, Niki Buchan from Precious Childhood, Sue Robertson from Nature Alliance Family Day Care and so many others.
I look forward to maintaining the links with all these fabulous professionals and cannot wait for next years' conference. In the meantime, don't be strangers guys. If you were there, even if we didn't get a chance to chat, why not drop on by our facebook page and say hi.
Now everybody get out there and be a little more risky. Play in the rain; roll down a hill; climb a tree; swim in a creek; take the plunge you've never had the nerve to do before. And make sure you take someone along for the ride.

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