Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Break in Transmission

Before you start reading you should be aware that this post had absolutely nothing to do with education, males or any other area normally associated with this blog. In truth is is basically one big long rant. It's not meant for anyone in particular to read. it is simply a way to vent some frustration.

If you look through the list of posts here you will find a few on how fickle our blogosphere is when the internet decides to play up on us. So it has been the past week or so.

With ongoing connectivity issues with our internet provider, sometimes for quite lengthy periods, a decision was made to change providers. Little did we know what an ordeal it would turn out to be.

Contacting the old providers to cancel our account was straight forward enough, except they didn't do it first time around and it took a few days for us to realise this. Then when our account finally was cancelled it was over two weeks after our initial request.

The new provider, in theory, should then have been able to set up our new service. WRONG! For several days they kept telling us they had yet to receive notification that our previous service had been ended. Furthermore, when they did finally receive such notification it would be at least a week before our new account could be activated rather than the 3 days that were originally stated.

Finally, after several complaints they suggested we purchase a prepaid internet account, the cost of which would be subtracted from our first billing period. Now this should have enabled internet access until our account was activated. Should have been, but the problem was that they entered the wrong details so we were not in the system.

With much head scratching, more than a fair share of swearing at the monitor and heaps of pent up anger our connection to the cyberworld was eventually restored late last night.

This is still the temporary prepaid option, but at least we are back.

Makes you wonder though how much these companies actually want new business when they seem to go out of their way to make things as difficult as possible.

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