Saturday, September 8, 2012

Relying on Technology

Over the past few days I have had no internet access at home. While this has some irritable effects on my time spent on social media, including the Males in Early Childhood facebook page, and other online activities, it also prevents me accessing my emails. This becomes problematic when I am meant to be using emails to send work material to my Director, communicate with a local school about kindergarten transitioning and simply receiving relevant information about work.
To make matters worse I usually complete most of my paperwork online and email it to myself in order to print it off once at work. I do this as the USB ports of our work computer are not functioning and so cannot read the USB memory stick which I save my work to and therefore am unable to access them in that way.

The failure of the USB ports also means we cannot upload photos from cameras at work. Another reason to do work at home where I can upload them.

These are work related issues and affect how I perform my duties to some extent. However, such issues also mean that I a unable to maintain this blog. I'm taking this opportunity to write this post while I have connection just in case it disappears again.

We are in the process of changing providers, but that will take several days apparently as we have to also change our landline phone connection. In the meantime  if you notice a little less activity on this blog, our Facebook page or a lack of presence on other blogs and pages then the chances are we are having connection issues again.

It's times like these I miss the old days (showing my age) when we wrote everything by hand and it was an extra special treat to receive an envelope with an international stamp in the corner. I also remember ringing a friend in the USA almost annually and talking for over 2 hours. Those calls cost a small fortune, but were very much worth it. Now I'm going crazy because I'm out of touch for a few days.

Conclusion - technology seems to have me ensnared in its intricate web (no pun intended).

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