Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Survey from New Zealand

Child Forum is a site dedicated to the persuit of excellence and continued growth in the Early Childhood Education field in New Zealand and internationally. Their Chief Executive is Dr Sarah Farquhar, who is a world reknowned researcher and academic with a strong background in encouraging more men into the ECE profession.

They recently published an article which discussed the results of a national survey of teacher educators and EC services. While the overall message is not new - that more men are needed in prior to school settings, there are some palpable figures to back up such claims.

For example, in response to whether the Government should intervene to raise the number of male ECE teachers a remarkable 85% wanted Government action to some degree. This may not exactly surprise people, but it does show how those in the industry place at least some of the responsibility for change with the Government. However, there were concerns in this area including reverse discrimination for men at the expense of women's jobs and also that the quality of the educator might become less important than their gender.

In all but one area mentioned in regards to whether more males would make a difference, over 90% thought that either they would make things better or there would be no difference. The one area where this was not so was 'parents' view the environment as safe for their child'. While there was still 76% who regarded an increas of having no affect or being a benefit, it is still slightly alarming that this is the stand out area of concern for so many.

Anyway, I don't want to disect the entire article. Better for you our there to take from it what you will. I will say it is a great way to gather information and opinions on specific topics. Perhaps similar surveys could be taken in other countries. I, for one, would be interested to see how responses from those in Western countries might differ from others and how we all might compare to the Scandinavians.

So what do you think men would bring to your service or the professiona in general?


  1. Besides whatever qualities the actual individual has it is that they are a positive male role model, especially for boys this is so helpful. It also shows that men value children and the education of children and they understand the importance of the early childhood years. But I think every individual
    brings something unique to teaching -
    every teacher, male or female, who aspires to have a creative classroom and who loves teaching.

    1. What I hope for Lesley is that we see more men become part of the early childhood profession and they talked about for their abilities and professionalism and not their gender.