Thursday, July 26, 2012


This is my 100th post. Now for some of you that might not sound like much of an achievement. Why there are bloggers out there posting once a day or even more and they've been doing it for years. Many of them are undoubtedly into the thousands when it comes to number of posts. But this isn't about them, it's about me me me.

What is probably most astounding about this milestone, to me at any rate, is that I actually stumbled into blogging. It was something I never planned to do. The original idea for this site was to create a place to share information about males in early childhood for those wanting some guidance, reassurance or simple facts, whether they be male or female. Now there is still an element of that within this site. Take a look through the menu of pages listed on the right hand side towards the bottom and you'll find articles, sites and other resources about men working with young children.

There was a network group that I was a part of which physically met regularly in the Newcastle area of NSW to discuss a range of issues. This group was started by Craig d'Arcy and through his hard work and endless efforts it was able to achieve some amazing things. Highlights included a summit held in 2006 which attracted men from around Australia and even New Zealand, and the Males in Early Childhood Education World Forum in Hawaii in 2008 which Craig was a presenter and part of the organising team.

However, sadly after Craig's departure from the group to pursue other ventures the meetings became less frequent and fewer men attended. An attempt to resurrect it lasted only briefly and the hope was that this site would become its new home.
Well as you can see that didn't eventuate so I began blogging. Being a complete novice I stumbled my way around the blogosphere, taking inspiration from more established and highly regarded bloggers. That formula seemed to work, although when I look back now it was more of my version of what others were doing rather than a true sense of me or the Males cause.

Then events in my life meant that I changed the direction my blogging would take. A more honest and true account of the world around me through the eyes of a male early childhood educator. Gone are the photos, the catchy phrases and the drive to be like everyone else. For some it makes this site less enticing and it seems to have less to offer on the surface. However, for anyone passionate about the lives of young children and those who care for them I hope that there is plenty to keep you engaged.

The numbers would indicate that the popularity of this blog is wavering, but that is no longer important to me. Being true to myself is. If no-one ever read this blog again I would, of course be disappointed. Hell, I'd be guttered! But it wouldn't matter too much to me in the long run as I can only do what I believe is right. The rest my dear reader is up to you.
On a final note, I am so glad I stumbled into this. I have discovered some amazing bloggers who I network with frequently, which adds another dimension to my personal and professional development. More importantly though is that I have made some truly wonderful friends. People who have filled my heart with love, hope and joy. I will not embarrass any of them by naming them here. I'm pretty sure most of them know I mean them anyway. Let's just finish off by saying that I am a far richer man for embarking on this journey and I would like to thank every single one of you who have ever taken the time to visit this site for doing so. You made my day when you did.


  1. Greg, I love the new direction of your blog. Seriously, anyone can post a photo with a catchy by-line and call it a blog, but what you're doing now is far more meaningful to me and requires so much more reflective practice on your part- which will make you a better and better educator. All power to you. And congratulations!

    1. Yes Annie I have to agree. I'm much more comfortable with how I'm blogging now which must be coming aross according to your feedback.
      Thank you :)

  2. Congratulations and great posts, Greg and hoping for many more