Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Greatest Hits So Far

The great response to my previous post has led me to analyse my posts to see which ones have been the most viewed and which have drawn the most comments/responses. Now often those had have been viewed the most also have more comments, but not always. Also, there are posts that are my personal favourites for one reason or another.

So this is how this is going to work. First of all I will list the most popular posts, purely by number of views. Then I will share those that have evoked the most responses. These will not include comments by me. Finally, I will provide a catalogue of those post I regard as meaning the most to me.

Most Popular

1. Postcard Exchange - First Report
The remarkable thing about this post is that it was published in October last year, but still often gets more 'hits' per day than most other posts even when new posts are published.

2. Do You Call This Parenting Advice?
This was a guest post by Alec Duncan from Child's Play Music and he wrote about a topic he was very passionate about.

3. Risk Versus Safety
The previous post to this one and unique in that I put the power in your hands to put forth your view.

4. Happy Birthday Eric Carle
This was one of my earlier posts and my first attempt at celebrating the life and work of someone influential to those educating and/or caring for young children.

5. Taking Care of the Boys
A post in response to an excellent article on educating young boys.

Most Comments

1. Risk Versus Safety
As mentioned above, this post has resulted in the most comments by far from readers. That would in no small part be due to the nature of it asking for opinions.

2. Who Inspires Me!
I created this post to acknowledge all those other wonderful bloggers out there who do such an amazing job. To help show my appreciation the GECKO Awards were born.

=3. We are Fighting Prejudice, Both Great and Small
In this post I tried to highlight the many and varied prejudices we face every day. Some are minor and may appear insignificant on the surface, yet still leave their mark. Others are much more sinister and harmful.

=3. The X Factor of Being a Male Early Childhood Educator
This post was part of a 'blog hop' which involved a number of bloggers all posting early childhood under the guidance of a letter of the alphabet.

=5. Interview With R Scott Wiley
As the name suggests, this is my first interview with a fellow male blogger. I hope to do more of these on the future.

=5. Structure v Spontaneity
This post sparked a heated debate which was my intention from the outset, to foster discussions and encourage rethinking about our approaches.

My Picks (in no particular order)

1. Risk Versus Safety
I know this post has appeared on every list, but I opned this up to the people. I plan to publish this post elsewhere to get feedback from different audiences and gather responses from a range of sources. perhaps then I might correlate them and forward the results to the powers that be.

2. Vale Maurice Sendak
I am possibly most proud of this post as it covers a subject that few dare raise with young children - death. Mr Sendak's passing provided an opportunity to talk about this often taboo topic with children who in most cases have experienced it in some form already in their young lives.

3. More Male EC Bloggers
I love this post as it provides a list of a number of males who connect with their community through blogging or some other form of internet posting. It is also a living document as the list continues to grow as I become aware of more blokes out there.

4. On Being a Dad and a Teacher (parts 1-6)
This series of posts was a personal journey for me as I looked back over my time as a father and as a teacher. I became aware how each role had influenced the other in a positive way.

5. Who Inspires Me!
In the midst of talk around the blogosphere about who would be worthy winners of the Edublog Awards I thought it was timely for me to show how much I appreciate all the great work of my fellow bloggers by creating the GECKO Awards. I'm proud that I have created something that recognises the achievements of others. It's also humbling to see some of them display it on their sites.

So there you go. A look back at some of the standout posts so far. Do you have your own choices for that last list? I would be intersted to find out.

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