Friday, May 4, 2012

Don't Forget the Fathers

Last year I posted about the Journal of Men's Studies issue that focused entirely on males in early childhood education. In my belief this was a very rare instance that such a highly regarded peer reviewed journal has published an entire edition on this topic.

Well that was great for the male educators out there, or those thinking about going into the profession, but what about the dads? Well I have some good news for you. The same group of professional publications has a journal for fathers.

Courtesy of Men's Study Press
As you can see it is simply titled "Fathering" which doesn't need much grey matter to remember. After just a quick scroll through some of the articles however, I discovered that while the target audience may be dads, there is much on offer for the professionals amongst us. Take these three titles from the current issue as just a small example:

Guest Editorial: Community-Based Programs Serving Fathers
Impacts of a Parenting Newsletter on fathers of Kindergarten Children
Rethinking Services for Young Fathers

As you can see from just this small sample, there is plenty there on offer for early childhood educators and service managers/providers to think about when considering how they engage the fathers within their service. And lets face it, despite our best efforts there would be very few of us who could honestly say we meet the needs of our fathers as much as we do our mothers.

Food for thought?


  1. Thought of you when I found this posted by a Spanish father. Okay he is a special guy but it made me realise we need to invite Dads into our schools more. Here is the translated page:
    Did a workshop once on engaging father's and 1 idea was putting up posters with photos of Dad's instead of all those Mum and Bub ones. Let me know if you find any good ones please.

    1. Thanks for thinking of me Lesley. It's great when any parent contributes to the experiences of the day, but extra special when it's a dad. I did have a poster from the Family Action Centre atthe University of Newcastle that depicted a dad changing a nappy. I had it up in every room I've worked in, but last year someone chucked it out without my knowledge. They do sell them so if you wanted to contact them you could probably order some. Try this link:

      I hope it works & is what you're after.