Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pay it Forward - The Winners

A while ago I posted about receiving a package from Kierna at Learning for Life in Northern Ireland as part of the Pay it Forward initiative. It is now time to announce the lucky recipients of my packages, but before I do I think it would be a lovely gesture to retrace the path of this concept back from this site so we can acknowledge the wonderful kindness displayed by many others before.

Kierna posted about receiving her package from Karen at Flight of Whimsy in Melbourne. Karen in turn posted about receiving her package from Maureen from Strong Start in British Columbia. Maureen posted about receiving her package from Donna and Sherry from Irresistible Ideas for Placed Based Learning in Melbourne. The ladies posted about receiving their package from Scott at Brick by Brick in Tennessee.

This brings us back just over a year ago when Scott posted about receiving his package from Mom and Kiddo at What We Do All Day in New York. Mom and Kiddo in turn posted about their package from Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.  They posted about their package arriving from Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom in Australia. Kylie raved about the package she received from MaryLea at Pink and Green Mama in the US, but when she initially posted about it there were no replies. It was almost two years later before she tried again in the above post and this time was successful in getting some willing participants.

Well that takes us way back to October 2009. I'm sure you could trace this line back even further if you wanted, but that will do for now. So this particular line of the Pay it Forward has traversed the globe back and forth multiple times.

So here are the winners:
My Mommy is Awesome from Puerto Rico
For the Children from USA

Rubber Boot and Elf Shoes from Canada

If you people can send me your postal addresses I will get these special packages out to you as soon as possible. The packages will contain items representing Australia, the Hunter Valley which is the region I am from and Kurri Kurri, the town I currently live in.
Now all these lucky people need to do is wait for their surprise packages to arrive so they can share them with their children. Then in order to keep the good will flowing they need to post on their blog or other media, calling for participants. Set a deadline date and draw three lucky recipients that will then receive their very own package. It's up to you what you include or how you choose who to send to. Good luck and congratulations to the winners. For those who missed out, don't lose heart. There are many Pay it Forwards going around so keep an eye out and try again. We weren' successful until our third attempt.

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  1. Thanks Greg. We are looking forward to our package and learning a bit about Australia. And then we get to play it forward!! What fun!

    rubber boots and elf shoes