Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm not usually one to make emotional posts, especially when they are not directly related to my work with children or the world of males in early childhood education. This is however, a time when I feel compelled to voice my anger and concern.

In recent week several of my blogging buddies have discovered something quite disturbing and alarming. That their wonderful and inspiring work has been hijacked by others with little, or in most cases no reference to the original authors or their blogs. Furthermore, they almost always claim such work as their own. Some may well be simply naïve about blogging protocol, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of these (I almost hate calling them) people know exactly what they are doing and plan their actions very meticulously, trolling the blogosphere for posts that they can use.

As terrible as this act is in itself, what is worse is that there are posts among these that refer to personal moments in the blogger's life. Also, there are photos of children that have been published by the thief without any regard privacy of those in the photos. Most bloggers gain clearance to publish photos of individuals, but that does not give any Tom, Dick or Harry to right to use those same photos.

The sad thing is many of us who blog about how work in the early childhood education field work very hard to provide informative, inspirational and useful posts that others, whether they be fellow educators or parents. When someone steals this work and passes it off as their own they not only forgo the work that goes into creating such posts, but they are also misleading the public.

These people are thieves and pathetically cowardly thieves at that. I am not naming these people or their sites as I hope they will be taken down or blocked. I also don't want to mention the blogs that were affected as there have been quite a few and I would hate to miss out someone, appearing to favour some over others.

To anyone who has plagiarised or is thinking of plagiarising the work of others let's just say, "Piss off back to your hole! You will never be worth the dirt under the fingernails of the marvellous professionals and parents who put their heart and soul into their posts."

I want it known that I could've been much more severe with my attack on these low lifes, but my professionalism and integrity keep me from publicly saying what I truly want to. I think you all get the gist of where I stand on this  and I hope you share in my disgust.


  1. It's sad that they do this - that they don't see the hard work and personal blood sweat and tears we put into what we do! Terrible behaviour! Bravo for speaking about it!

    1. Sometimes we need to let our anger out Leeanne before it gets the bette of us. Just as well we have our special place ;)

  2. I share your indignation, Greg, particularly about the breach of trust in using children's photos without permission. We do have to be very careful about what we put up, because the internet is so open to breaches like this- yet another reason I use so few photos and always obscure the faces. I'm always happy for my information to be shared, but not under someone else's name!!!

    1. I oobscure faces for the very same reason my lovely Aunt.