Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Kid on the Blog

A little while ago Alec Duncan guest posted on this blog. You can read that post here. Even though it was only a short time ago, Alec hass since set up his own website and blog.

I'm sure as he gets into it Alec will produce some truly remarkable and informative pieces. In the meantime I would like to invite everyone to check out some of the other wonderful men out there blogging about their life working with young children. A profession that is dominated by women so much that around 98% of people who are early childhood educators are female. So let's support these guys!

Tom Hobson and his blog Teacher Tom.

Matt Halpern and his blog Look at My Happy Rainbow.

Scott Wiley and his blog Brick by Brick. Some of you may remember my Interview with Scott last year.

We may be few and far between, but us guys have much to contribute to the world of early childhood education and care.


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  2. Sorry, I had to redo.

    Wow, such prestigious company. Thanks, Greg!

    I recently came across Shrek the Teacher in the UK. Have you seen his blog?

  3. I second the vote for Mr Shrek! And guys, I absolutely LOVE your blogs. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks Scott and Aunt Annie. I'll check him out.