Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year in Review

While it states on my profile that I've been blogging since August 2010. However, the reality is that the site was set up on that date for the males group I was a part of. The group was floundering & we thought having a site might revitalise engagement. Unfortunately this was not the case and after some months of sitting back and watching nothing come of this entity and took it upon myself to begin utilising what could be a valuable resource.

I originally wanted to use this site solely for the purpose of promoting the benefits of men working in the early childhood education and care field. However, it soon became an avenue for more personal posts, sharing some of my experiences with the children within my care as well as a few male-related topics. My first ever official post as a blogger was in fact about investigating science with toddlers and to this day is one of my most viewed, commented on and well-received posts.

I often immerse myself into my work and therefore my blog posts as well. This may have taken me away from my initial aim of the blog, but if I am to be true to myself then I believe that the only way I could ever be an effective and honourable blogger was to share the things I do with the children, and do the things I talk about.

The exceptions to this are also some of the more standout posts for me personally, such as the interview with Scott Wiley, sharing a journal issue focusing solely on males in early childhood, exposing the existence of prejudice remaining in our profession, the guest post by Alec Duncan, and perhaps most significant for me, remembering the victims of the tragic events that claimed the brother of one of my closest friends.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed by taking the time to read my posts, commenting on them, sharing them through facebook or on their own blogs, being the subject for interviews or guest posting. I would love to continue with the interviews and guest posting next year.

This blog has opened me up to a world of networking with an amazing group of individuals, each with their own passions. Above all, I have gained some wonderful new friendships that I truly treasure. If nothing else, I am the richer for this experience because of that.


  1. Brilliant post Greg and you're spot on we all start off with one aim & probably end up somewhere else. I have learned so much from all of the wonderful bloggers I have be-friended this year. My teaching has been enriched & revitalised beyond any expectations I could have had. This whole blogging adventure has been the best professional development ever! Looking forward to many, many more adventures in the blogosphere in 2012.

  2. I reckon the world won't know what's hit it if we ever extend our Garden. Hope your 2012 outshines your 2011. xxx

  3. Greg, I'm so glad we connected through the blogosphere. I agree that the networking and community were unexpected benefits of my blogging. Here's to more great adventures in 2012!

    (And I appreciate your interviewing me. It made me feel like a Nashville star!)

  4. Thanks for the kind mention, Greg - I'm so grateful to you for the opportunity to guest post on Males in Early Childhood.

    Keep doing exactly what you are doing with the blog! A good blog is all about authenticity and your posts are always interesting and show the real you - a male in early childhood education, loving the work and learning from your children every day.

  5. Scott and Alec, it was my pleasure to get you both involved. We may each be a single entity in this early childhood arena, yet together we are ablr to combine our knowledge and experiences. The blogoshere and social media have made it possible to join forces in such ways for the benefit of ourselves, the profession and all children and families we may touch.

    You guys are wonderful!

    You are both valuable colleagues to me and the rest of the profession.