Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This post is only short, but it carries a potent message. Words can be our most powerful tool in life. That power can work in many ways. To help someone by offering advice, warning them of impending danger, inform them of important information. They can begin and end wars and relationships. Words have the power to create or destroy, either directly or indirectly. Deliberately or inadvertently.

With the advent of electronic media words are causing more and more damage. Some of this is by intent and some quite unintentional. Yet, once we send an utterance into the netherworld of the Internet there is no taking it back and it is there for all to see. Therefore such words can cause damage that is far more widespread or that cuts much deeper.

However, for the very same reasons words today can carry much great healing powers. Let's just hope that the majority of us use our words to help and heal rather than to hurt and damage.