Sunday, December 11, 2011

Having a Bauble this Christmas

I'm sure many of you have had your children make their own tree decorations, maybe even baubles. This year my toddlers took clear glass baubles and turned them into works of art that would adorn any Christmas tree with pride.

After I removed the cap from the bauble the children squeezed some paint into the bauble, then I replaced the cap so that they could roll the bauble around the table & shake it so that the paint spread around on the inside. I got this idea from a post over at Irresistible Ideas for Play based Learning about painting inside bottles.

The remarkable thing about what was happening here is that these baubles are glass, yet I had faith & confidence in the children's abilities to handle them with care. I didn't even have to remind them. I told them all once before we began and with only a couple of exceptions, each child took great care in handling the baubles without further prompting. In fact, out of 30 baubles only one was broken as a another child bumped the arm of one who was holding the bauble at the time. What this tells me that these children are very capable and are aware of how to modify their behaviour in certain contexts.

I unashamedly take some credit in that as I believe in them and use opportunities to empower them as often as I can. More power to them I say. I am quietly confident that the parents will be pleased with their end of year gifts this year.


  1. Greg. Thanks for sharing this link over at PreK+K Sharing on my post regarding process and product. This is a great example of what I was talking about in my article.

    All the best!

  2. Love how you introduced glass. I have been doing this in water play - just 1 glass container in amongst all the plastic - no breakages yet,