Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aussie Christmas

Unlike our Northern Hemisphere counterparts, us Antipodeans often celebrate the Christmas/New Year period in sweltering heat. Of course, being such a large country conditions can vary greatly from place to place. In the northern third it is tropical cyclone season so as well as battling temperatures at times breaking the 40C barrier, the coast has the likelihood that somewhere in that region destructive winds and rain could be heading their way. For the rest of the country, except for perhaps Tasmania, 40C is also a common occurrence, although mid to high 30s is more the norm.

As a result of us experiencing such temperate conditions, the traditional Northern Hemisphere meals, while still followed by many, have been steadily been overtaken by the Aussie tradition of cold meals such as salads, prawns and beer of course.

This year we have been experiencing an unusually cool December so far with not one day locally (Newcastle/Hunter Valley, NSW) reaching 30C. My family will be heading out for Christmas lunch and spending Boxing Day with the rest of the family. We will mostly be staying indoors or under shelter where it's cooler, even though it's not as hot as usual. What will you be doing?


  1. thanks for a little insight into Christmas Down Under. So far this year is shaping up to being a wet & mild one. Hope you & yours have a great time & talk in the new year :)

  2. A little different from what you would be use to. Spoil that cat of yours :)