Sunday, November 20, 2011

PreK and K Sharing

PreK + K Sharing

I am honoured to be included in a blog sharing initiative of Debbie Clements from Rainbows Within Reach. Debbie has invited a range of blogger from various backgrounds, locations & areas of interest & expertise to share a post each month. This is a wonderful opportunity for us as early childhood professionals to work alongside colleagues we might not otherwise have the chance to collaborate with. Through sharing ideas & providing different perspectives all of us as readers can become more knowledgeable & balanced in our approach. There have been many before me so please check them out by going to the Prek and K Sharing site. You can also view my introductory post here.

Many of the contributors you will find on my blog roll down the right side of this page, but take a gander as we say in Aus & you might find a gem of a post from a wonderful blogger I am yet to discover.

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