Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Postcard Exchange First Report

As some of you may know I am participating in the Teach Preschool Postcard Exchange. Well I have just mailed the second lot of postcards away. The first bunch were sent in the last week of September to the following locations: Naples, Florida; Monroe, New York; Becker, Minnesota; Columbia, Maryland; Freemont, New Hampshire. This week the cards went to these cities: Cheshire, England; Las Vegas, Nevada; Vanndale, Arkansas; Pasadena, Maryland; Cambridge, Minnesota.

I wanted the children to be actively involved in this process so I created a postcard template which I printed out & pasted to thick cardboard cut to roughly the same size. While I write a message about ourselves on one side the children create collaborative drawings on the other. They may look cheap & nasty, but I believe they are far more authentic than any store bought or commercially made postcard.

While I was excited about the possibilities of this exercise & remain positive as it has led to a great deal of interest in maps & letters as well as other things, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Each month each group is meant to send a postcard to each member of another group with the recipient groups changing each month. In this way each service will have sent to & received from everyone except the services within their group. Yet to date I have only received 2 postcards & one of them from one of the recipients listed above. Sticking to the roster (believe me there needed to be a roster with over 300 participating services) they should not have sent a postcard to us until April.

It's disappointing that so early on there appears to be a lack of commitment. However, I won't let that take away the opportunities this experience is bringing & will continue to bring to my children. I just hope the others get as much out of it as we are.

Thank you Deborah J Stewart at Teach Preschool for this wonderful opportunity.


  1. It will pick up! It took us a bit to receive them last year, but once we did we ended up with quite a few! It's such fun! We posted a map in the hallway and put the postcards in the general location of where they came from! We were just too busy this year to participate. :(

  2. Greg- it usually takes a bit, and remember that postcards coming to you from out of country may take longer to arrive. September is usually a very difficult month in the states as it is the start of the new school year. I've done this exchange before too... It does pick up! Some folks send all of their cards at once instead of sending them in spurts too (So that they don't forget!) We have stacks of cards from participating at other times. The cards will come! I have only received one card so far myself for this time around.

  3. I agree, it will pick up. We've had a little snafu resulting in a slight delay getting our first cards out, but they are on the way! It's great fun to track the locations they come from and read what other classes are doing! Glad you're participating! :))

  4. This is a great idea. I would love to participate with my school. Anyone else interested in sending one to us in England? Will put this idea on the group 'Creating a play based classroom' if you don't mind. If you are not already members it's a fantastic group dedicated to the care and education of children in the early years.

    1. Thanks Jacqui. This is actually last year's exchange, but there is a new one being det up for this year. head on over to Teach Preschool to find out more.