Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My New Best Friend

One of my work colleagues rescued an adolescent blue tongue lizard & brought it into work today. She asked if the toddlers wanted to meet it & we most definitely did.

I got him out of his box & placed him on my arm. he sat there quietly for a little while. As the children were looking at him he began to crawl up my arm. he went up & over my shoulder, around my neck & came to rest on the collar of my shirt. He must have been quite comfortable there, or perhaps it was just more peaaceful. Either way he stayed there until I managed to get him down several minuted later & may have remained there indefinately.

I then slowly took him around to let the little ones have a closer look. Some of them were quite content to chech the lizard out from a distance, shuffling away if I cam a bit too close, but as can be seen in these photos others were more than eager to get as close a lookas they could. Many wanted to touch him too to see how he felt.

It was a nice surprise for the children, but I wonder if the litlle blue tongue found somewhere as cosy as my noeckline.

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