Saturday, October 29, 2011

Treasure Hunt

In my last post I spoke about the Postcard Exchange I'm involved in. Well this led to an interest in maps which in itself led to us having a treasure hunt.

I began by hiding some 'treasures' around the yard then drawing up a map. Before heading out we discussed how to read the map - by following the arrows until we came to a place where there was an 'X'.

We then headed outside & worked out which way we needed to go.

It wasn't long before we came across the first place indicated by an 'X' & then the search really began.

After discovering a few treasures we checked the map again to see where to go to next.

 This time the treasure wasn't just hidden, it was buried which led to some exuberant digging.

Then it was back to referring to the map to determine our next move.

Two more happy adventurers showing of their discoveries.

There was time for one final check of the map to work out where our final destination was.

Then we were off to make our latest & perhaps greatest discoveries.

And the best thing was we all enjoyed the thrill of adventure & discovery.

Amidst all this the children were engaged in literacy & numeracy as well as discovering the world around them in new & intersting ways.

Who would have thought such a wonderful & exciting experience would have started with receiving a postcard? It's amazing how when one thing leads to another it can take us to unexpected places.


  1. We have received 3 postcards so far from being involved in the postcard exchange. I have a world map on the wall and our postcards will go around it ... I can't wait to receive more .What a nice extension re treasure hunt .Jennifer in Australia

  2. Thank you Jennifer. Where are you from & what group are you in? (A,B, etc)

  3. Great fun idea, with so much learning within! I like that the final treasure was books! :)

  4. Great idea Greg! My class would love this!

  5. I can't claim that idea Karen. The treasures were hidden amongst the books.

    Deborah, I would like to think that most kids would love it.

  6. What kid (or adult for that matter!) could resist a treasure hunt! Great way to take learning outside! Thanks for linking up to our Outdoor Play Party - hope to see you again this Friday :)

  7. You're a star oh yes you are - especially as you used your own name!! Thanks for this - owe you!