Friday, September 30, 2011

Look at This!

While searching for some more males in EC related articles online & was surprised to find a link to my colleague & fellow blogger Jenny at "Let the Children Play" with her post :Males in Early Childhood Education" -

Among the comment to this post was a fellow male in EC blogger from New Zealand -

Delving into these two blogs will reveal two very passionate individuals with somewhat different approaches to how they convey their messages. While this may be viewed as counterproductive, as a reader I see it as an opportunity to see issues from other perspectives which in turn challenges the way I think about given situations. It also highlights an important point. While we as educators are generally accepting of the individuality we all bring to our profession, when we talk about the few men in the field we are often speaking as if us males are a united entity. While there are many who carry very similar beliefs, we are still as individual & different as our female counterparts. After all, how many teachers, male or female would go around looking like this?

Both males & females have much to offer young children, but at the very least we need more men to be more reflective of society. After all, how are children going to learn to interact with or even trust men outside their family if they don't have opportunities to do so in their formative years? Food for thought. Now go read those unique & valuable bloggers.


  1. do you have direct links to these blogs?

    Thanks :)

  2. Both of these blogs are awesome Greg!
    Donna :) :)

  3. I am just checking to see if my comment posts for you, as I did comment on it on google+ already!