Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview with an Intern

In my previous post I spoke about having an intern with me for the last few weeks. Well I wrote up a brief list of questions & asked if she'd answer them so I could post them here. She did answer & gave permission for them to be posted. So here is my 'Interview with an Intern' - for what it's worth. By the way, her name is Nicolle Launt & she is about to complete her Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Males in EC ---> When did you first think about becoming an early childhood professional?

N L ---> In year 10 I chose to go to a preschool for one week of work experience. I enjoyed my time there so the next year I started a Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) course in community services which I completed in years 11 & 12. (for those overseas these are the final two years of high school here in Australia)

Males in EC ---> What were your perceptions about the early childhood profession when you began your studies?

N L ---> Before I began studying early childhood I thought I would spend most of my day playing with children & creating lots of fun arts & crafts activities.

Males in EC ---> How have your practical experiences changed those perceptions?

N L ---> I now know the while range of other duties early childhood educators spend their day doing from programming and observing children to maintenance tasks such as cleaning. My perception has changed a lot as I now know that a lot of planning goes into each activity to extend on children's development & knowledge.

Males in EC ---> Where do you see yourself professionally 5 years from now?

N L ---> In five years from now I aim to have a variety of experiences with different age groups & within different centres and primary schools. I will be up to date with new developments that affect my profession such as policies & I will be able to take on a leadership role in the implementation of these.

Males in EC ---> What qualities do you feel you possess that will make you a successful early childhood teacher?

N L ---> I have always had a strong interest & commitment to early literacy development. I would like to think I have enough patience to work with children. I can be calm & focused in any situation & can work as part of a team. I believe I am a dedicated person & have committed myself to becoming a teacher since high school.

Males in EC ---> Who or what have been you biggest influences in your journey towards becoming a teacher?

N L ---> I have not had any major influences affecting my decision to become a teacher. I realised very quickly when I was in high school that this was something I enjoyed when I did work experience & working with children is still something I enjoy now.

I may keep in touch with Nicolle & provide a follow up interview to see how she goes in the big bad world.

Thank you to Nicolle Launt for your honesty in answering these questions. I hope they are of interest to someone out there.


  1. I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks. It helps to hear about the beginning of someone's journey in early childhood education to reflect and reinvigorate me in my own.

  2. I commend your dedication Lesley & I'm glad you enjoyed this.