Friday, September 9, 2011

I Will Always Remember

This will not be the run of the mill post by me. No stupid gags, no silly faces or get ups, no spruiking the benefits of men in childcare. Today I will be quite subdued.

I recently contacted a close friend of mine who lives in Florida. Her life has had the usual hassles recently, but for the most part it's been a good run. Whenever a ptoblem has popped up she's tackled it head on. To some that may seem remarkable, while to others it's nothing special. Well to me this person is one of the strongest people I know & I'll tell you why.

10 years ago during a certain historical event in New York City my friend lost her older brother. He was working in the World Trade Center when the planes crashed into the towers. There was never really much hope of finding him alive, but that didn't stop my friend & her family trying. In the days that followed the tragedy posters began springing up with names & adresses of missing people. Her brother's details appeared on one of these in the belief that they would find out for certain if he had died or simply lay in a hospital somewhere with no identification on him like so many others.

About a week later the police asked my friend's mother if she could provide something which might contain DNA to assist with identification. She went to the house to seek out a hair brush or toothbrush. However, on her arrival she discovered that his car had been stolen & the house ransacked with several intimate belongings gone or destroyed. On top of this the media hounded the whole family for insights into their life for some 'filler' story to go along with the constant updates.

My friend finally moved to Florida to try & escape the attention so that her young family could settle into some sort of mormality. She still get harassed from time to time & has had to change her locks & phone number several times, but still gets on with living. She says the anniversary doesn't affect her the way it use to & although it will always be a part of her life she's not going to let it run or ruin her life.

I'm far more removed from the event, but I get teared up whenever I see a report/documentary about 9/11, but still feel compelled to watch. I have a great deal of respect for my friend & the way in which she has dealt with such a monumentous tragedy. There will be a part of me with her on Sunday & I'm sure I'll shed more than just a few tears. The date September 11th will always remain with me as a day in which the world changed & so did the life of my dear friend.

My thoughts go out to all the others who lives were affected, either directly or indirectly, on that fateful day. It's time to sign off now, but I just have to share with evedryone this one little fact. I have been welling up while I have been writing this & now I think I will go & have a good cry.

Thank you


  1. Greg, what a beautiful post! I often think about how if circumstances had been only slightly different, I would have lost my husband that day. It was a terrible tragedy, and yet there were so many fantastic stories of courage, humanity and bravery to come from it.

  2. Thanks Ayn! This was as much a post for myself as for anyone else. I think I needed to put my feelings into words & sharing it here was as good a way as any.

  3. Greg,
    Thank you for your post, now I put your friend on my prayer list. I had no idea that vandalism was also a part of the tragedy. How can people be so cruel. We need to be able to express our feelings and allow people to feel with us. Thank you.