Friday, August 12, 2011

ZOOper Dooper

A little while ago one of our little ones visited Melbourne Zoo & brought back photos to share with everyone. While sharing these photos we tried to identify the various creatures pictured in them.
We knew about elephants, or as some pronounced 'efelants.'

It's a efelant family!
 There were some generalisations such as labelling all water birds as ducks.
 Yet this is typical for 2-3 year olds & with our resident expert on the ball to correct us - "They're not ducks, they're pelicans," the children were exposed to the correct terminology via peer scaffolding.
 We knew this was a zebra because it has stripes.
 And this is a giraffe because it has a long neck.
Hang on  minute! These have stripes too, but they're not zebras. Of course these guys are tigers.
 But some also said these were tigers. I'm so confused.
 Oh, our expert says they are lions if they have big hair.
 We must be going on a bear hunt, but this one's not scary so we won't have to run away.
Maybe we scared him.
Cheeky monkeys, just like the song.
They like to swing & jump in the trees.
They can also climb very high.
This one came up very close. We discovered it was actually a lemur, but only when we revisited the photos at a later time. For now the children were the ones imparting their knowledge.
 Our expert told us this was a sting ray.
 Our little friend was able to pat it.
 These are seals. They're good swimmers & can also do tricks.
 We are only a small part of this world. I learnt so many things from my little friend who brought back these photos, from our resident expert on animals & from all of our inquisitive little Steve Irwins.


  1. Great post Greg ... Is that the Melbourne zoo! It looks very familiar.
    Donna :) :)

  2. It is Melbourne Donna. I thought you would recognise it.