Monday, December 26, 2011

Revisiting "The X Factor of Being a Male Early Childhood Educator"

Due to the Christmas/New Year period, this is a repost of a post earlier this year which was a result of an idea of Deborah J. Stewart at Teach Preschool  in which she challenged fellow education bloggers to post about something of interest to them as part of their profession. The challenge is to have a post about a topic that begins with each letter of the alphabet. She is calling it 'The ABCs of Teaching Preschool'.
ABC's of Teaching Preschoolers

I, rather foolishly perhaps, volunteered to post under the letter 'X' as I gathered it would be one that very few would be willing to tackle. "How brave of you" some might say, while others would more than likely chuckle as they accuse me of  biting off more than I can chew. I'm tending to lean toward the second group, but am determined to soldier on nonetheless. So here goes...............

As so many pirate stories have told us, X marks the spot.

So this Xtremely different and random pirate is looking for treasure? No need as he's already found it in the everyday joys he witnesses and is a part of.

Xcessively bizarre dress ups are also part of this male's life, both as an educator and dad. Research has shown that men are often more active in physical experiences with their children. Yet there is so much fun and enjoyment in becoming involved in so many other aspects of children's lives, whether they be our own or those we work with.

Xceedingly colourful. As with Jason and his technicolour dreamcoat, this male has many hues to his personality. Sometimes he returns from work after being the canvas for the children's creativity.

Xtremely rare

and Xtremely different. No, not the creatures, but the bloke with them. We are rare because there are so few of us compared to women when it comes to working with young children. Different, partly because the genders differ in many ways, whether they be biological, physical or psychological, but also because in my experience children tend to react differently to men then they do to women.

Xactly what children need. I would hope that every early childhood professional would be, by their very nature, what the children need. Unfortunately for whatever reason this is not always the case. However, effective educators are what children and the profession need, and if more of those educators could be men then that would also meet a need of both the children and the profession.

So this Xtraordinary pirate has found his treasure, but is constantly on the lookout for more. Some may view him as bizarre, but that is fine with him as long as he can continue doing what he loves.

In conclusion, my own ABC of early childhood education:
A - Animals
B - Books
C - Culture
D - Dress ups
E - Expressiveness
F - Funny faces
G - Goop
H - Hugs
I - Inquisitiveness
J - Juggling
K - Kneading
L - Listening
M - Music
N - News
O - Outdoors
P - Projects
Q - Questions
R - Respect
S - Science
T - Tools
U - Understanding
V - Vehicles
W - Wombat Wobble
X - Xactly what you want it to be
Y - Yoga
Z - Zoo

ABC's of Teaching Preschoolers


  1. X definitely marks the spot! You "X" post is Xtremely Awesome! :)

  2. This is a wonderful post! I love your alphabet list :) Thank you for participating and for all those X's! You were "X"actly the right person for the job!

  3. Thanks Ayn *blushes*

    It was your idea that inspired it Deborah!

  4. There are so many good reasons for there to be more males in early childhood education. Thank you for being such an inspiring, xciting xample :)

  5. Well Greg, if that is what the 'X' factor looks like ... then clearly you've got it! Hee .. hee .. hee!!
    Donna :) :)

  6. Awesomest pictures ever. :) Great post. Your students are lucky to have you.

  7. As kind as always Donna :)

    Thanks for the support T A

  8. Great post, Greg.

    Recently I left the room for a minute. When I returned, the other teacher told me she was asked, "Where's that teacher who's a boy?" It made me think of you and our "boy teacher" colleagues.

  9. I get called Greggy Greg, Hairy Greg, Greggles, Mr Tickle & loads of others. I love the labels they give us Scott.
    Thanks for the kind words. :)

  10. Looking at those pictures....Just one of you tilts the scales fairly well and adequately makes up for the 'boy':'lady' teachers ratio in pre-school.
    Great going Greg! Wish we could get clones of you.

  11. Xcellent. Xremely entertaining. Xactly what I'd have Xpected from you. XXX

  12. Oh Roses & Juliet, You've made my chest stick out as far as my belly & that's saying something. Thankyou both!

  13. Genetically speaking Greg, you should have gone for the 'Y' factor 'cause that's what make you a male in preschool! :) However, I did snavel up the 'Y' for my 'Yabbies'now didn't I! :)

  14. Karen, I like the way you think, but my Y is a bit bent out of shape I think. That's why I do what I do.

  15. Loved viewing all the great pictures on your post, Greg! You're inspiring to all early educators ... male and female!

  16. Kristin - I'll do my best to keep them coming.

    Laura - very kind words indeed

    :) :)