Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Taba Naba, toddler style

A lovely group time today when our 2 year olds made paddling motions with their hands as I sung "Taba Naba" to them. After the third rendition they began attempting to sing along. I could quite clearly hear some "Taba Nabas" issuing from their mouths, but the rest seemed to be some mumbles sounds that loosly fitted in with the tune. I so loved it as that is exactly how I sing along to songs; belting out the chorus & bluffing my through many other parts. The aim is to make it appear as if I know the words, although I doubt I fool anyone. These toddlers were implimenting the same strategy. I felt so connected to them. :)


  1. I was told I could not sing in grade school. I was devastated. When I began to work with young children over 35 years ago, they let me sing sans criticism and always sang along. That's one of the reason I still work with the young ones. I do not know Taba Naba, though.

  2. It's a song from the Torres Strait Islander culture, an Indigenous Peoples who are lesser known than Aboriginals. If you google it You'l find the Wiggles preformed it on their "It's a Wiggly World" CD with Indigenous artist Christine Anu.

    I'm outraged that you weren't able to sing with the children in grade school. How did they justify that stance?

  3. We had music class and everybody sang in class. I wanted to join boys choir, but the person who did the auditions told me I couldn't sign. Well now I sing every day.

    I will check out the song. Thanks.

  4. i love singing with "small" audiences! they are enthusiastic, dont care how i sound, and always respond with "again, again"!

  5. I could win Australia's Got NO Talent, ,but that doesn't matter to the children. As long as they are having fun you're good enough for them.
    Don't you love the 'encores'?