Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Journal of Men's Studies

The above mentioned journal has their current issue focused entirely on the topic of men working in the early childhood profession. The articles can be found at: http://mensstudies.metapress.com/content/vk7n6v12v726/?p=23d3b80c96ec4c169323bdc9827b59f8&pi=0

There are six articles in this issue & include:
Men and Teaching: Good Intentions and Productive Tensions. Kevin G. Davison & Bryan G. Nelson

Male Preservice Teachers and Discouragement from Teaching. Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower

Race, Sexual Orientation, Culture and Male Teacher Role Models: "Will Any Teacher Do as Long as They Are Good?" Douglas Gosse

Toward a Genderful Pedagogy and the Teaching of Masculinity. Shaun P. Johnson & Brenda R. Weber

"Let's Hear it for the Men": A Men's Studies Curriculum in the School System. Gordon Weber & Andrew Kitchenham.

Dads as Teachers: Exploring Duality of Roles in the New Zealand Context. Stephanie White

Let's hope that by having such a collection of scholarly articles on the subject that more men will be encouraged to consider early childhood education as a career. It would also be advantageous for more publications on the topic to follow so that the focus on more men remains at the forefront of the minds of all stakeholders.

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