Sunday, July 24, 2011

Government at the Forefront

The wonderful site of MenTeach has a link to an article about how the Guyanese Government is taking the lead in initiatives to promote more men into teaching at all levels from early childhood to secondary schools. The article can be found here: 

In this article the extraordinary statistic is revealed that in Guyana there is, according to 2008/09 statistics, 1 male teacher for every 247 females at the nursery level. This is an astounding figure that should shock all concerned.

I keep hearing from colleagues, parents & other people I meet in a range of contexts how wonderful it is that I, as a man, am working with young children. Or that the call for more men is echoed wherever I go. Yet it seems that men are leaving the profession at least at the same rate as they are entering, if not faster. For this reason alone we not only need to encourage more men into the early childhood education arena, but also encourage those already working with children to remain.

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