Friday, July 8, 2011

Get Ya Face Paint On!

When you see someone painting children's faces it's usually a female, often dressed as a fairy. I therefore find it ironic that as the only male at work I am the one applying the face paint & also the only one prepared to get painted up myself.
Not only that, but I went shopping after work still painted up. I visited a costume hire store (probably not too out of place there), a health & beauty spa to buy a gift certificate (raised eyebrows, but nothing said) & walked throughout a shopping centre. It was in the centre that I predictably got the most reactions. These ranged from quizzical looks to whispered comments as I walked past. There was even one lady who stopped & told me she loved my face paint.
I love getting in & doing everything with the children. I am also not ashamed to go around in public displaying what I've been up to. My view is if you're willing to let children see you that way then  it should be fine for adults to see you that way too. I love what I do & am proud to be doing it, so I tend to celebrate it whenever I get the chance. I may be the odd one out, but most people who know me will attest to that anyway.


  1. agree. totally. loving the war paint!

  2. Oh man, this is the story of my life! Most of the time, it's paint besmirched clothing, which allows me to go around pretending that I'm an artist, but it's harder to explain the rhinestone bracelets I forget to take off, or the feathers the children have clipped all over the back of my shirt while I'm concentrating on something else. =)