Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Earlier in the year one of my explorers discovered a frog in our playground.
By the way, that's just some wet sand o it's back and not a tumour. We have since come across many others during the ensuing months. However, none of them captured the attention and imagination of 2 year olds as much as this first one.
The children were all keen to get a close look at our new friend and some were prepared to handle it. We made sure we were vey careful to minimise our impact on the little critter and then a brief discussion resulted in the decision to release it back into nature.
Although little reluctant to leave us, freedom's call was too strong in the end.
Interestingly enough, a few days later a slightly larger new friend paid us a visit.
Luckily for the froggy these two didn't meet.
As this lovely lady was due to visit a couple of weeks earlier, but had a prior engagement.
She was shedding her skin and brought in as a gift for us. This is one of the many reminders of the creatures that inhabit the world with us. There's our Rainbow Lizard (sorry no photo yet), pictures of our frog visitors,
The spider web we all made earlier in the year with our very own neighbourly spider hanging out in it.
All incidentals, even when part of a planned experience, that have inspired a love and wonder of the natural world in a special group of toddlers.

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